Why the name of the site is i-smartcloud.com and not rainbow.com ?

Since we created this site we wanted to write an article explaining the reasons that led us to use that name.

Our initial intentions for this site was to be a web version of the mobile Rainbow application. But, then we realized that it is a lot better to have a site for both. A site that the PC users could perform all tasks that the mobile users do with the mobile application, but, also, all users could be informed about the latest changes.

Now, back to the question. The quick answer is that the name rainbow.com was taken. Any name that is similar to rainbow, e.g. rain-bow.com, r-bow.com, etc. will be extremely difficult for our users to spell. Instead, we wanted a name that is easy to remember, and that it relates to the Rainbow application. i-SmartCloud.com meets both criteria!!

The Rainbow application is a cloud storage manager. Hence, it makes total sense to have the word “cloud” in the name of our site. Secondly, our users are already familiar with the word “smart”. The name of the company is called i-SmartSolutions. Therefore, one can easily combine these two words to produce i-SmartCloud.

Finally, the Rainbow application offers the SmartCloud service, and thus, one can correlate the i-SmartCloud.com site to the Rainbow application.

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