Statistics for Shared Files in the new version for iOS, Mac and Android devices

The statistics for Shared Files is added in version 4.7 for iOS devices, in version 4.4 for Mac, and in version 2.9.1 for Android devices. With this feature, you can view how many times your Shared Files are listed and downloaded. If you have upgraded your account, you can access the detailed statistics, and see who listed and downloaded a Shared File.

The following screenshots are from an iOS device. But, we have a similar UI for the other two devices. The difference between these three platforms is in the way that you access the detailed statistics. Namely, on iOS you slide your hand horizontally on a Shared file, on Mac, you right click, and on Android you click on it.


In order to use this feature you need to login to your Rainbow account. If you haven’t already created one, you can do it now, it is free. With a Rainbow account you can manage your Shared file:

  • Extend: Extend expiration date of that Shared file. You can extend it for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month
  • Delete: Delete that Shared file.

View how many times a Shared files was listed or downloaded

In the Account Detail screen we see the files that we have shared. That list is now modify, as at the bottom of each row we see the number of times that Shared file was listed or downloaded.

Rainbow: Number of times a file is listed / downloaded
Rainbow: Number of times a file is listed / downloaded

As you can see in the above screenshot, those two numbers do not have to be the same. It is likely for a user to list (or view) the files that you have shared with him/her, but not to download them. Or, (s)he can download only some of them.

We slide our finger horizontally on a shared file, to bring the menu up.

Rainbow: Display menu for Shared file
Rainbow: Display menu for Shared file

We tap on the “Stats” button, to view who has listed / downloaded that shared file. Please, note, that this feature is available only when you upgrade your account, e.g. you have activated the SmartShare service. This service also allows you to share files with total size of 10GB.

View who is listing or downloading your Shared Files

When we tap on the “Stats” button we see the following dialog:

Rainbow: Who has listed/downloaded your shared files
Rainbow: Who has listed/downloaded your shared files

At the top of that dialog we select if we want to see the users who have listed or downloaded the selected shared file. Currently, the List is selected.

Each row has the following information:

  • Name of user
  • Platform: iOS (both iPhone and iPad devices), Mac, Android, and Web
  • Date (Format the date in the Settings screen)

Since, a user can access your shared file from a device that runs an old version of the Rainbow app or (s)he may not have created a Rainbow account yet, we can have the following cases:

  • Name of user is “Unknown”: This could mean two things:
    • The user has an old version of the Rainbow app
    • The user has not logged in to the Rainbow account
    • The user accessed your files from the Web version
  • Platform is “Unknown”: This means that the user is using an old version of the Rainbow app


With this new version the Rainbow application becomes the ultimate tool for Sharing files. Not only it allows the end user to manage a Shared file, but now, it offers statistics for the Shared files.

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