Official site at pcloud.com

Supported Platforms

The Rainbow application supports the pCloud Cloud storage only in Android and Kindle devices.

Supported Features

A Rainbow user can do the following tasks on a pCloud account:

  • Manager files / folders
    • List files / folders
    • Rename file
    • Create folder
    • Delete file / folder
    • Transfer files / folders
  • Search for files / folders



Free version

In the free account we can store files with total size of 10GB.


If we update the account to Premium, the storage space is increased to 500GB. The Premium plan costs 3.99€ / month or 175€ for lifetime!

Premium Plus

With the Premium Plus plan, the storage space is increased to 2TB. It costs 7.99€ / month or 350€ for lifetime.


pCloud has one business plan. The minimum number of users is 3, and the storage space is 1TB for each user. This plan costs 9.99€ per user / month.