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Supported Platforms

The Rainbow application supports the OneDrive Cloud storage in all platforms: Mobile (iOS, Android, and Kindle), Mac, and Web.

OneDrive for Business is not yet supported in Web platform!

Supported Features

A Rainbow user can do the following tasks on a OneDrive account:

  • Manager files / folders
    • List files / folders
    • Rename file
    • Create folder
    • Delete file / folder
    • Transfer files / folders
  • Share files
    • This feature is available on mobile devices and Mac
  • Search for files / folders
    • This feature is available on mobile devices and Mac



Free version

In the free account we can store files with total size of 5GB.

Not Free version

We can increase the storage space to 100GB by purchasing the not free plan. This plan costs $1.99 / month.


OneDrive has 2 business plans. Plan 1 offers 1TB of storage for each user and Plan 2 offer unlimited storage for each user. Plan 1 costs $5.00 per user / month, and Plan 2 costs $10.00 per user / month. Finally, Plan 1 has a limit of 15GB in the file size that can be uploaded. No such limit exists for Plan 2.

In addition to these plans, Microsoft offers a few more plans that combine storage with Microsoft applications, e.g. Outlook, Word, etc. Those plans are named “Office 365”. More about thee at OneDrive’s site.