Welcome to the web version of the Rainbow – Best cloud storage manager. Here you will be informed about latest changes of the application, but, most importantly, this site will be a control center for the PC users to transfer / share files.

Even though this site is mobile friendly, the links to Transfer Files and Share Files will work correctly only on PC. This is because the Rainbow application for iOS and Android devices offers all these features. The links are located at the bottom of the page. Therefore, the mobile users of the Rainbow application should visit this site to be updated about the latest changes in the application or to learn how to perform certain tasks. On the other hand, the PC users should be able to perform most of the tasks that the mobile users can with the Rainbow application with this site.

Currently, the following cloud services are supported:

Next, we give a brief description of the Rainbow and i-SmartShare applications:


Cloud Storage Manager

The Rainbow application provides a simple but yet powerful interface to transfer data from one cloud service to another. With the Rainbow application, you can copy files / folders from one service to another service or from one folder to another folder of the same service. More importantly you can access more than account for each cloud service, and you can simultaneously transfer files from different accounts to the selected folder.

This feature is available in all platforms: Web, Mac, and Mobile (iOS and Android).

Sharing Files – Backing up/Syncing Folders

A user of the Mac and Mobile versions can use the Rainbow application to share files, and to back up or sync folders.


This is the web version for sharing files. A user can visit the i-SmartShare site to share local files. Currently, there is no limit in the amount of file size that can be shared.

Also, you can download the shared files on your computer from this site. Either click on the link on the email that you received or copy paste the code from that email to a text box in the i-SmartShare site.